Get your flu shot, health officials say, especially this year

Officials: get your flu shot

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Health officials say if there was ever a year to get a flu vaccine, it's this one.

The big concern is that the upcoming flu season will only further stress a health system dealing with COVID-19.

Flu season starts in the fall and can last until May.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says as the flu ramps up, it could be a strain on labs that test for the illness and are currently testing for the coronavirus.

“This is going to be difficult and challenging,” the governor said. “It will require a reduction in the number of COVID tests or in the turnaround on COVID tests.”

“So, it’s really important, more than any other year to get your flu vaccine,” Jefferson County Public Health’s Faith Lustik said. “And even if we can reduce the amount of people who are needing health care because they have the flu, that’s going to help us have capacity to take care of everybody.”

Lustik says Public Health is working to make sure there are plenty of opportunities to get a flu shot and that the government is ordering more vaccine than usual.

She says if you feel sick, always stay home and if you develop COVID-like symptoms – such as trouble breathing -- immediately call your doctor.

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