Burrville Cider Mill opens for season

Burrville Cider Mill opens

BURRVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - Doughnuts by the dozen were rolling out of the door for the opening of the Burrville Cider Mill Thursday.

The mill is only open for three months a year so people from around the area come to the mill to get their hands on fresh doughnuts and apple cider.

“Commercial production of cider started in and around the ’30s,” said Greg Steiner, who’s one of the owners. “It became the famous Burrville Cider Mill right around the ’50s and we are the third owner since that we have had it for 25 years.”

Steiner says the line had been long all day, stretching out into the parking lot. But people in line said that what you get inside the mill is well worth the wait.

“You know, you have to wait all winter for it to reopen and you can’t get these kind of doughnuts anywhere else, they’re so good,” Elise Horning said.

“This is my first time here,” Makenzie Robertson said, “and I’ve literally already eaten two doughnuts and I just got them.”

inside the mill, two doughnut machines were running all day as the doughnuts were dropped into the fryer, pulled out, and put into a small bin where they are covered with cinnamon and sugar.

Then the donuts are placed into long rows, where they are transferred to the counter to get bagged up and sold.

Apples are also pressed four days a week and made into packaged cider that customers can buy.

Steiner says he estimates 10,000 customers or more a year come to enjoy the seasonal treats.

“It’s three months of chaos -- we have a ton of fun and then we shut down and we can’t wait until we open back when fall runs around again,” he said. “There is a few extra things that we have added in, but really it’s just come on out to the cider mill and enjoy the fall.”

The mill has also done its part to add hand sanitizer and signs asking people to wear masks while they wait.

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