DOJ seeks data on nursing home deaths in NY & 3 other states

DOJ seeks data on nursing home deaths in NY & 3 other states
Nursing Homes and COVID-19 (Source: MGN Online)

NEW YORK (AP) - The U.S. Justice Department sent letters to governors of New York and three other Democratic-led states seeking data on whether they violated federal law by ordering public nursing homes to accept recovering COVID-19 patients from hospitals.

Those actions have been criticized for potentially fueling the spread of the virus.

Prosecutors said their fact-finding letters -- also sent to New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan -- were aimed at determining whether the orders “may have resulted in the deaths of thousands of elderly nursing home residents.”

Spokespeople for three of the governors said the inquiry was political.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said the state was following CDC guidelines when it made the order.

He has also said the idea was to get elderly patients out of hospitals both for their safety and to free up much-needed beds.

The governor said Thursday that 14 states followed the same DCD guidance New York did, but letters were sent only to four states run by Democrats.

“This is all politics,” he said.

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