State sets coronavirus infection threshold for in-person college classes

State sets coronavirus infection threshold for in-person college classes
Universities Covid-19 cases (Source: MGN)

ALBANY, N.Y. (WWNY) - Colleges and universities in New York that experience an outbreak of COVID-19 above a certain threshold will have to shut down in-person classes.

At a conference call Thursday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said institutions will have to go to remote learning for two weeks if they have 100 cases or more or if cases exceed 5 percent of the on-campus population – whichever is less

On-campus populations include both students and faculty, the governor said.

“We should anticipate clusters,” he said. “when you have large congregations of people, anticipate a cluster. We know that.”

Students who live on campus would be allowed to stay in their dorms.

The status of in-person classes would be assessed after those two weeks.

The governor said the rules are in response to situations where there have been outbreaks at recently opened college and universities across the country.

“We expect it, we want to be prepared for it, and that’s a threshold that we’re going to put in place,” he said.

Cuomo also said it’s been 20 straight days with the state’s infection rate under 1 percent.

Of the 83,000 people tested Wednesday, .9 percent were positive.

He also noted that four people had died from the disease, 490 were in hospitals, 126 were in intensive care, and 52 were on ventilators.

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