Stefanik, all in for Trump, raises money with speech

WWNY Stefanik, all in for Trump, raises money with speech

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WWNY) - Washington, DC - In the unlikely event you didn’t know it already, Wednesday night’s prime time speech by north country congresswoman Elise Stefanik made it clear - she’s all in for President Trump.

Stefanik used her four minute turn in the spotlight at the Republican National Convention to repeatedly praise the president, and attack the Democrats who have gone after him.

“Since his first day in office, President Trump has fought tirelessly to deliver results for all Americans,” Stefanik said in her speech Wednesday night, “Despite the Democrats’ baseless and illegal impeachment sham and the media’s endless obsession with it.”

A spokeswoman for Stefanik said Thursday that her speech boosted Stefanik’s already formidable fund-raising effort.

“Congresswoman Stefanik is overwhelmed by the support from her constituents in the North Country and from people all across our nation who watched her primetime speech at the Republican National Convention last night,” according to a statement from campaign spokeswoman Maddie Anderson.

“The Stefanik campaign continues to blow Taxin’ Tedra out of the water in fundraising -- last night was no exception.”

Tedra Cobb, Stefanik’s Democratic opponent, said Stefanik should have better things to do than give political speeches.

“We have a public health crisis that has killed more than 180,000 people and has infected millions of Americans. We have an economic ceisis that has left tens of millions of Americans without jobs and we are now facing the familiar wound of systemic that is tearing communities apart,” Cobb told 7 News.

“And again, Elise Stefanik has time to name call and to go to Washington but not to be here in this community helping our families.”

Stefanik attacked the Democratic nominee for president, Joe Biden, for “far-left failed policies of the past 47 years.”

Cobb responded Thursday by noting Biden “passed the Violence Against Women Act. He helped pass the Affordable Care Act and fought to protect people with pre-existing conditions.”

“He has fought to expand health care and lower the cost of health care for all Americans. These are things Elise Stefanik has voted against.”

There is seemingly little risk to Stefanik identifying herself closely with President Trump.

Even though New York 21 - the sprawling 12 county district Stefanik represents - is regarded as “center right,” conservative but not deeply so, President Trump won the district handily in 2016. He got a little less than 54 percent of the vote overall, and in Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties, did even better.

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