‘Bootcamp’ offered to help students go back to school in COVID-19 world

WWNY ‘Bootcamp’ offered to help students go back to school in COVID-19 world

TOWN OF LYME, N.Y. (WWNY) - They call it the “Successful Student Bootcamp.” It’s a way for kids to learn what will stay the same and what will look different when classes begin in September.

What does it take to get into school this year? Temperature checks, social distancing in the hallway and a refresher on virtual learning.

It’s what Lyme Central School calls the “Successful Student Bootcamp.”

“We thought it would be a great way to re-acclimate our students into in-person instruction and get them back in the building, but also re-introduce a new way of doing school,” said Cammy Morrison, district superintendent.

Students from 4th to 12th grade got a lesson on what to expect and how the school day will work.

“Students were glad that they got to see the building, to see us, and to get some of those jitters a little bit out of the way to take away some of the anxiety of ‘what does school look like now because it’s not the same and I know it’s not the same. So how is it different?’ So I think that alleviated a lot of that,” said teacher Deborah Wilkinson.

It will look different. Lockers won’t be used and students won’t be leaving their classrooms.

“Teachers will be going to the students. So instead of a lot of movement, we have tried to eliminate that by having teachers go to the students,” said Morrison.

One of the biggest lessons being taught is preparedness.

“Life throws us curve balls like it did in the spring and we can end up home very quickly again and what those expectations look like now. So trying to make a schedule that works both in the building at home so that it’s a seamless transition for them,” said Wilkinson.

Lyme Central students will return to school in phases, beginning with kindergarten through 3rd grade. After that, other grades will be introduced week by week.

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