Missing Your All Star Certificate?

Award Certificates Were Delivered Via E-mail

Missing Your All Star Certificate?
2020 Award certificates (Source: Production)


Because of the pandemic we didn’t have an all star reception this year, in 2020. Instead we had an on-air special that aired on July 8 and July 9. As a result of this, students weren’t able to pick up their award certificates in person as they usually do.

I made a concerted effort to make sure students, from all four disciplines: Academic, Arts, Athletes and Career-Tech- received their certificates as a PDF file. I asked for confirmation from students, teachers or parents when they received the certificate, but not every one sent an e-mail back.

I may not have had the right e-mail address for every person involved, or perhaps students didn’t check their e-mail.

If you are a student, or parent or friend or relative of a North Country 7News All star and haven’t received your certificate please send me an e-mail and notify me.

Craig Thornton


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