Dexter native skydives to celebrate women’s suffrage

Dexter native skydives to celebrate women’s suffrage

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - When it comes to women’s equality, the sky isn’t the limit. It’s where they celebrate.

Highlight Pro Skydiving Team, an all-female group of skydivers, has been touring the country, taking to the skies to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of women’s suffrage.

The co-founder of that group, Melanie Curtis, is from the north country.

“At its core, we want to inspire girls to live a bold, brave life of their own design,” Curtis told 7 News. “So, we jump out of airplanes, that’s one of the things we do. It’s one of the things that opened up a path in my life that I would have never predicted, and I’m so thankful for.”

Curtis grew up in Dexter, graduating as a General Brown Lion in 1996.

She got her start at age 18, learning how to jump at her father Darrell Curtis’ skydiving school in Verona, NY.

She’s made it her mission to advocate for women’s equality. This year, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of women winning the right to vote, she and her troupe have been “jumping for joy.”

Last month, they jumped in Seneca Falls, where the first women’s rights convention was held in 1848. Then, they made a display in the sky in Tennessee- the last state needed to ratify the 19th amendment. Earlier this week, they put on an aerial show in New York City for women’s equality day.

Curtis says she hopes she and her team can serve as an inspiration to other women to reach for the skies. And she wants those dives to motivate more women to get to the polls this November.

“I love skydiving so much, but to be able to use it to make social good impact, that’s so much more rewarding to me than I can ever tell you,” Curtis said.

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