Unemployment boost on the way for some, but will it be enough?

More unemployment money on the way

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - More federal funds will be coming to some unemployed New Yorkers.

The WorkPlace executive director Cheryl Mayforth says it’s because of an executive order President Donald Trump signed earlier this month.

It calls for an additional $300 per week from FEMA.

But Mayforth says the funds have a limited run of three weeks and eligible people won’t see the bump to their benefits until the end of September at the earliest.

Mayforth says she’s worried it won’t be enough.

“In our area is, can you pay the rent, can you buy groceries, can you afford the internet connection so that your kids can go to school,” she said. “It’s going to be tough on people and I am concerned about that.”

Mayforth says people who previously received additional funds through the CARES Act will need to fill out a form to confirm they’re unemployed because of COVID-19.

Mayforth says the FEMA money will only go to those affected by the pandemic.

Under the CARES Act, people unemployed because of the pandemic were eligible to receive an extra $600 a week. That money ran out at the end of July and Congress has not passed a replacement.

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