Tomorrow’s Health: obesity & COVID-19, eat light at night, no vaccine-autism link

Tomorrow's Health

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - French researchers have found a clear relationship between obesity and more severe cases of the coronavirus.

They found almost all intensive care patients with COVID-19 who are severely obese end up on ventilators.

That compares to less than half of those with a healthy body mass index.

They also discovered nearly all COVID-19 patients in the I-C-U were overweight or obese.

When to eat to lose weight

Eating in the evening is associated with higher total calorie intake and a lower-quality diet.

That’s according to a U.K. study of almost 1,200 adults.

Researchers found people who ate the least in the evening also consumed less throughout the entire day.

No vaccine-autism link

New research does not find a link between flu vaccination during pregnancy and autism.

Swedish researchers found the number of cases of autism spectrum disorder and autism were virtually identical for children who had been exposed to a vaccine and those who had not.

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