1973 agreement could save Watertown pool

WWNY 1973 agreement could save Watertown pool

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - A document from decades ago could help keep a Watertown pool afloat.

City Council Member Lisa Ruggiero says an agreement in 1973 with New York state got Watertown a grant, partially funding the construction of the Alteri Pool.

Ruggiero points to a specific paragraph, which she says should pause any demolition plans. (See the document at the end of this story)

Reading that agreement, it seems whatever Watertown does with the pool needs to meet the standards of the state commissioner.

Ruggiero says that would be the head of the state’s Department of Parks, Recreation, and Historical Preservation.

“If the majority of council wants to go ahead and demolish this, will this jeopardize any future grants if we’re not following what this says about getting permission from the state commissioner? So, I’m just saying that we need to follow the procedures,” she said.

Ruggiero’s attempt to save the pool will come in a resolution Tuesday night at city hall.

We’ve reached out to the state for a comment, but haven’t heard back.

See the 1973 document below. The paragraph to which Ruggiero refers is number 25.

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