Police investigate 3 suspicious vehicle fires in Norwood

WWNY Police investigate 3 suspicious vehicle fires in Norwood

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Three vehicle fires in Norwood have been deemed suspicious.

A Chevy Blazer was on fire Friday morning. Damage was confined to the vehicle, But it could have been worse if not for someone’s quick action. Other vehicles and an apartment building were close.

“The occupant of the apartment was out here with a garden hose and had the fire basically extinguished when we got here,” said Bill MacIntire, Norwood fire investigator.

The fire has been deemed suspicious. New York State Police were also on the scene.

“We secured the scene and waited for law enforcement to get here … It’s still an active investigation. We’re not sure how it started,” said MacIntire.

But they know where it started – in the cabin, not in the engine compartment.

The fire in the Chevy Blazer off Mechanic Street isn’t the only suspicious one in Norwood. There were two others on the same day in August.

On August 1 a pickup truck on Pine Street was struck by fire in the morning. Then a dump truck, at the same location as the Chevy Blazer, was in flames that night.

“I was here for the dump truck fire too. … The Norwood village police are investigating that and that’s still under investigation,” said MacIntire.

Fire investigators deemed the Pine Street pickup truck fire to have been intentionally set.

State police aren’t saying a lot about the vehicle fires. They aren’t saying if they think they are related, but they are confirming that all three are under investigation.

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