Finding deals at Sackets Harbor’s annual garage sale

Finding deals at Sackets Harbor’s annual garage sale

SACKETS HARBOR, N.Y. (WWNY) - Sackets Harbor is the latest pit stop to find the best deals.

The village held it’s annual garage sale on Saturday, a tradition originally set for Memorial Day weekend.

While you browsed each yard, you could find household items like shoes, clothes and books. But on Broad Street, Brenda Schultes and her husband are downsizing and their sales looked a little different.

“All of our kids have moved away, so we are trying to get rid of the bigger things, some of the things we don’t use and it’s just a good day to see people and just spur of the moment kind of sales,” said Schultes.

The Shultes family is selling a boat, a car, some bigger furniture and a hot tub.

Because of COVID-19, so many seasonal events have been canceled this summer in Sackets Harbo,r but sellers participating in the garage sales say they have benefited from the Labor Day weekend traffic.

“We’ve had a lot of people too. We’ve certainly got rid of a lot of stuff It was nice to actually get people out and about and get to see some of your neighbors that you normally can’t see,” said Betsy Regan.

Regan and Milo Wiley have been participating in this garage sale for 10 years. They say it was the perfect day to get out and make a few bucks.

“It was nice to do this today. You know we have people that come every year that we see that come by and remember us so it’s been nice. We couldn’t have asked for a better day it was just beautiful,” said Regan.

Nice weather. Good company, and an event that marks the wrap up of the summer season.

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