Tomorrow’s Health: cold vs. flu, long-term coronavirus effects & anxiety

Tomorrow's Health

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - The common cold may help prevent you from getting the flu by jumpstarting the body’s antiviral defenses.

That’s according to researchers at Yale University who looked at three years of clinical data from more than 13,000 patients with symptoms of respiratory infection.

They found that even during the months when both viruses were active; if the common cold was present, the flu was not.

Early coronavirus rehab

Coronavirus patients can suffer long-term lung and heart damage, but doctors say it can improve over time.

In a second finding presented at the European Respiratory Society, researchers say the sooner COVID patients start rehab after coming off ventilators, the better and faster they will recover.

Thyroid & anxiety

A new study in the European Society of Endocrinology links thyroid inflammation to anxiety disorders.

Researchers looked at patients experiencing panic attacks and found inflammation in their thyroid glands.

It was reduced with ibuprofen.

Researchers say the endocrine system may play an important role in anxiety.

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