A race to raise: Making their own ironman triathlon

A race to raise: Making their own ironman triathlon

HENDERSON, N.Y. (WWNY) - T.J. Neveldine and R.J. Ticzon have been training for ironman triathlons since last year, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the competitions they normally do have been cancelled. So they decided to make their own.

The “FORGET COVID 140.6” triathlon takes place in the north country’s backyard.

A 2.4 mile swim in Lake Ontario, a 112 mile bike ride through Henderson, and 26.2 miles of running the road to Neveldine’s cottage as the sun started to set.

We caught up with the pair as they were wrapping up their 1-hundred-12 mile bike ride to how they were feeling.

“Carry Me. [I’m] Beat, Beat!" said Neveldine.

“We’re really tired. I don’t know if you saw it this morning, but like, there was - the waves were intense, I thought. It took us forever," said Ticzon.

“The most difficult swim I’ve ever done in any race ever. So we kinda got set back a little bit from that, but now we are gunna get back at it," said Neveldine.

Neveldine says he wanted to do some good on a day the nation could never forget, September 11th.

He is raising money for the Alzheimer’s Association in memory of his late mother Carolyn Fitzpatrick and in honor of his father Jim Fitzpatrick, who is battling Alzheimer’s. His mother was a primary caregiver for his father before she died.

You can find a link to Neveldine’s fundraiser below:

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Posted by T.j. Neveldine on Thursday, September 3, 2020

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