Cobb campaign stops in Watertown, challenges Stefanik’s support of the military

Cobb campaign stops in Watertown, challenges Stefanik’s support of the military

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Democratic Congressional Candidate Tedra Cobb made a stop in Watertown Sunday as part of her campaign trail.

Cobb met with supporters and handed out lawn signs during the event, and discussed her excitement for the election and future campaign events.

She also touched upon issues like health care, social security, and medicare.

Cobb also took the opportunity to call out her opponent Elise Stefanik, who has held the 21st Congressional District seat since 2014.

“I think Elise Stefanik is not an independent speaker. I think it’s pretty darn clear that her allegiance is to this President and not to the people in this district, and moreover certainly not to the military and the troops,” said Cobb.

"Fort Drum is the base here, it’s the livelihood of our community. But it’s also the life blood of who we are, and they deserve a representative who will fight for them. She should be speaking up. When we learned 81 days ago, that there were bounties on the lives of American troops, she should have been out there and saying ‘This cannot happen, Americans are first,’ and she didn’t do it. And she didn’t stand up to Trump, and we also learned she was missing from her job for 4 months. Now we’re learning about COVID and the President. She should stand up.”

Congresswoman Stefanik has been on the campaign trail speaking at a Team Trump rally in Cambridge, New York near Saratoga Springs where she talked about jobs, protecting the Second Amendment, and strengthening the military.

Stefanik’s campaign responded to Cobb’s remarks, stating:

“Congresswoman Stefanik is the single most effective advocate in Congress protecting Fort Drum and the brave men and women stationed there. She has delivered win after win for the entire Fort Drum community and has focused on ensuring our military has increased resources for readiness, training, equipment, intelligence capabilities, and military family priorities. Congresswoman Stefanik has one of the strongest records of countering Russian aggression. This is in stark contrast to Tedra Cobb who is on record supporting cutting our defense budget which would put troops lives at risk. Tedra Cobb supported the Iran nuclear agreement which sent pallets of cash to the world’s greatest sponsor of terrorism. And when asked about what she would do regarding Russia, Tedra Cobb answered that she did not know what she would do. Tedra Cobb’s policies of cutting defense spending, sending US taxpayer dollars to the terrorist leadership of Iran, and her inability to articulate any policy toward Russia puts Fort Drum, our troops, and our national security at risk. Tedra Cobb is a Pelosi parrot who is mimicking Far-Left false talking points about unsubstantiated and false intelligence leaks.”

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