COVID-19 ‘report card’ for school districts is online

COVID-19 ‘report card’ for school districts is online
Schools reopening (Source: MGN)

ALBANY, N.Y. (WWNY) - The state’s promised “report card” for schools to list their COVID-19 testing results is now up and running.

It gives an option for searching for a school by address or by name. If you search by address, you can also see what’s going on at nearby schools.

The state Department of Health established the site to let parents and teachers know how their districts are managing their COVID-19 plans.

Each report card includes:

- The number of positive cases among students and staff by school and school district.

- Whether the school is teaching remotely, in-person, or a combination of the two.

-The number of students and staff on-site.

-The percentage of on-site students and staff who test positive.

- The number of tests administered by the school, the type of test, the lab used, and how much of a lag there is between testing and getting results.

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