First responders observe 9/11 in West Carthage

WWNY First responders observe 9/11 in West Carthage

WEST CARTHAGE, N.Y. (WWNY) - West Carthage held a remembrance ceremony on 9/11. First responders came together to remember those who lost their lives, while trying to save another’s.

Remembering the tragedy of 9/11 has a special place in the hearts of first responders.

“There’s a lot of military servicemen, EMS, a lot of firemen that lost their lives that day responding to the nation in its tragedy and it’s important for everyone to remember that,” said Matt Gump, chaplain for the West Carthage Fire Department.

The West Carthage Fire Department hosted a small ceremony to honor those lost and reflect on the importance of service, even in the most difficult of situations.

“People are countin' on ya and you have to basically lace up the boots and go to work,” said West Carthage Fire Chief Peter Crump.

Jefferson County Deputy Coordinator David Hall remembers the day well. At the time, he was a civilian employee on Fort Drum.

“We were in a meeting and somebody hollered, ‘Turn the TV on.’ Couldn’t believe what we were watching on television. Things changed on Fort Drum that day,” he said.

Hall says that very night he met with county officials to see what they could do to help.

“We had a list and everybody filled out what they could send. Nobody refused to do anything. We had a lot of volunteers,” said Hall.

A handful of Natural Bridge firefighters ended up deploying to the city.

First responders say another thing to never forget on this day is how all Americans came together as one.

“It’s important to not only remember the tragedy, but also how people came together after that event and were a common united nation,” said Gump.

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