SUNY Oswego adopts strict rules as COVID cases continue to rise

Updated: Sep. 14, 2020 at 1:00 PM EDT
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OSWEGO, N.Y. (WWNY) - COVID-19 cases at SUNY Oswego continue to climb. School administrators have implemented strict rules to curb the spread of the virus and keep students in class. It affects plenty of north country students who study at SUNY Oswego.

Among the student body at SUNY Oswego are a couple hundred students from the north country; 23 students come from Lewis County, 28 from St. Lawrence County, and 157 from Jefferson County.

Salvatore Sperazza is a resident assistant in one of the dorms. He says he’s had to break up several parties in his building since students moved in.

“It’s infuriating to see people be so incredibly selfish having one good time, sacrificing everyone else’s semester,” he said.

As of Monday, there are 144 active cases of COVID-19 at SUNY Oswego.

Per state rules, if in 2 weeks 100 people or 5 percent of the campus population tests positive, the school must transition to full remote learning. that is not the case yet at SUNY Oswego.

In an effort to prevent students from being sent home, college administration is cracking down.

Sports, greek life, eating in dining halls, and residence hall visits are all suspended. The college’s president says the school is prepared to penalize or suspend students in violation.

What’s happening at SUNY Oswego is not happening at north country colleges. There have been a couple of cases confirmed on each campus in St. Lawrence County since the semester began.

“To the people that are staying safe and kind of keeping to themselves like I am, keep doing what you’re doing. People like you and me, we’re going to be the reason we get through this. To the people that are partying, that are going out and being reckless, I don’t think you understand the impact you have on not just yourself, but your community and you’re not immune to this,” said Sperazza.

The school’s 2 week window ends September 25, which is 11 days from now, and already in this window, there have been more than 60 new active cases. So for this college on the lake, the way forward is to stay apart.

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