Voting looks a little different as villages hold rescheduled elections

WWNY Voting looks a little different as villages hold rescheduled elections

COPENHAGEN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Some villages in the north country are holding their rescheduled elections Tuesday. Procedures for voting looked a little different this time around.

At select village offices across the tri-county area, people are going out to cast their vote for village officials

The elections are usually held in March, but were pushed back because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Doran Johnson is Copenhagen’s superintendent, but Tuesday he was named the crowd control coordinator at the village office

Only three people were allowed inside at one time to meet COVID regulations.

He says even with the changes, the office is hoping for a good turnout

“The more people that vote, that shows the more interest of the entire population of the village and who’s in control of their situation in terms of village finances, taxes, water bills, sewer bills,” said Johnson.

Village officials say casting a vote hasn’t changed, but the process of voting inside the polling station looks a little different

Orange tape was used to mark which way the voters would go. The officials used cups to distinguish clean and used pens - each one sanitized after.

“The ballots will only be touched by the voter until the actual count and I am sure the election officials will be wearing gloves at that time,” said Johnson.

At Glen Park’s elections, sanitizer was also readily available for voters and poll workers would wipe down the voting box after each ballot was cast

The polls in the village elections are open until 9 p.m.

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