Lewis County General Hospital changes name

WWNY Lewis County General Hospital changes name

LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - Lewis County General Hospital has a new logo, a new promise, and a new name.

Lewis County Health System CEO Jerry Cayer unveiled the rebranding Thursday.

The transition from Lewis County General Hospital to Lewis County Health System began last October.

Cayer says the new tagline “Your Health Partner” fits its role of keeping the community healthy and active.

And the logo is representative of a vibrant step into the future.

“We’ve been challenged by the pandemic since very early 2020, but life must continue. Healthcare must be delivered. We have to continue to evolve. This is not a time to not grow, this is not a time to not continue to evolve and change as our community needs change,” said Cayer.

The rebranding is already displayed on the building and you’ll see more of it in advertisements and marketing efforts in the future.

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