Greta Van Susteren sits down with President Trump in election special

Greta Van Susteren, one on one with President Trump

WASHINGTON (WWNY) - As election day draws closer, our national political analyst, Greta Van Susteren, sits down with President Donald Trump for an exclusive interview.

On Friday, Van Susteren hosts a one-hour primetime election special, “Full Court Press: Election Countdown.”

She sits down one-on-one with President Trump and other political leaders as we march toward election day.

Among the topics she’ll discuss with the president is whether he has played up or played down the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Well, it’s totally a mischaracterization and it keeps going on and on over nothing,” the president said. “I don’t want people to panic, so I am not going to stand out there and say ‘oh, everyone is going to die, everyone’s going to die.’ I am the leader of a country, it’s ridiculous.”

The Trump administration has also gotten backlash over its handling of civil unrest in our country.

The president tells Van Susteren he thinks Democratic cities in the U.S. will vote for him to help establish law and order.

“Because they are tired of seeing what they’re seeing,” he said, “every Democrat city or most of them. If you look at the top 25, even the top 50, they are all practically all Democrat cities that are having these horrible times with law and order.”

He also talks about his relationship with former National Security Advisor John Bolton and the classified information Bolton released that has now led to a grand jury investigation.

“I think he is incompetent,” the president said. "All he wants to do is go to war with everybody. Everyone thought he was crazy, everyone thought he was stupid, but they thought he was a nut job who only wanted to go to war, so when I brought him in a meeting with a foreign country, they assumed I was going to war. "

For the rest of the interview, watch Van Susteren’s “Election Countdown” special at 8 p.m. Friday on WWNY.

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