Wildfires out west affect sky in north country

WWNY Wildfires out west affect sky in north country

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - You’ve likely seen the raging wildfires out west, but did you know the smoke from those fires in California and Oregon is making its way to the north country?

Over the past week the smoke has created a milky or hazy look to the sky here in northern New York.

A Jefferson Comunity College geologist says the smoke has traveled to the north country because of the jet stream and will change the way our sunsets look.

“We do know that in other cases where we have high levels of particulates we can end up with which are fine pieces of something like smoke or pollution we can end up with more spectacular sunsets,” said Dr. Chris Ebey, JCC geologist.

We haven’t seen smoke in the past two days, but it is likely to move in once again over the weekend.

While it affects the way the sky looks, it won’t change our air quality.

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