“Non-Cream Cheese Festival” does some good for the Lowville community

“Non-Cream Cheese Festival” does some good for the Lowville community

LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - If the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t hit, the Annual Cream Cheese Festival would be happening this weekend in Lowville. That can’t happen this year, but one organization still wanted to do something for the community.

The Lowville American Legion put together a small-scale “Non-Cream Cheese Festival” to benefit the Lowville Food Pantry in lieu of the Cream Cheese Festival itself.

BBQ dinners were available until sold out - which they quickly did. Live music was also on hand to get people out of their houses and to donate to the food pantry.

The donations are something the Lowville Food Pantry says they could really use, especially since the pandemic hit.

“Our numbers in April went up as high as 411 families, and now they’ve cut back a little. We’re still right around 300 families. Normally, we would be down 250-275. 300+ is keeping us busy,” said Daniel Taylor, Lowville Food Pantry CEO.

In all, the Lowville American Legion raised $1,600 for the food pantry and also donated 200 jars of peanut butter and jelly.

Post Commander Lee Hinkleman says the fundraiser was a “huge hit” and is encouraging others to donate.

You can donate to the Lowville Food Pantry in person or through mail at 7646 Forrest Avenue Lowville, New York 13367, or send a monetary donation through their website.

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