Plenty of piggy pets at this Philadelphia home

Plenty of piggy pets at this Philadelphia home

PHILADELPHIA, N.Y. (WWNY) - It’s just another day at the Trippany home.

“Most people think we’re crazy, but I don’t disagree. We are," said Amy Trippany.

Every day starts off bright and early. Amy Trippany serves breakfast to her five pigs. Four of them rescued.

“Usually about 4 AM, sometimes 5 if we’re lucky. They get up and we already have their breakfast prepared from the night before. Hanky goes out back to eat because he can’t be around the other ones. Henry goes out front to eat because he is a bully, and the other three eat in here," said Amy.

It may look like fun and games, but its a big responsibility.

Amy says the hardest part about having 5 pigs is not being able to leave them alone. She says she and her family haven’t taken a family vacation in over six years.

“They live a long time, so you’d have to have a good 20-plus years to take care of them. It’s like having 5 toddlers in the house at all times," said Amy.

But the pigs aren’t the only ones who run the household. The Trippany’s have more than a dozen pets of all shapes and sizes.

“We have a zoo here. But everyone gets along, pretty much. The cats don’t bother the rabbits, the rabbits don’t bother the cats. They do, everybody gets along," said Amy.

It’s safe to say in this home there’s never a dull moment.

“If they can get a hold of a Wal-Mart bag they’ll shred it. And if you’re missing your pants, check the bedroom because they probably put it in their bed pile," said Amy.

But despite some mischief here and there, these piggy pets complete the family.

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