Massena’s elementary schools to open Tuesday, decision on other grades expected soon

WWNY Massena’s elementary schools to open Tuesday, decision on other grades expected soon

MASSENA, N.Y. (WWNY) - Massena students in pre-K through third grade will start in-person classes this week and a decision on other grades could be made within days.

It should have been busier at Nightengale Elementary Tuesday. And at Jefferson and Madison. Tuesday is back-to-school time for those in pre-K through 2nd grade.

“We want to get our students back as soon as we can. We know in-person learning is better than remote learning. So that’s our focus,” said Patrick Brady, Massena Central School District superintendent.

Kindergarten thru 2nd grade will come in four days and have one remote learning day. BOCES career and tech students will start going to Seaway Tech on Tuesday.

“When we were compelled to go to all remote learning, these families had to scramble for daycare and it did do more disruption of their lives,” said Brady.

The Friday before Labor Day weekend it was announced school would not start as planned. A COVID-19 outbreak in Massena had the district opt for all-remote classes.

Massena school officials are saying that their original decision to delay in-person learning was a difficult one. But it was one that was backed up by the case numbers and the data.

At that time they knew there were 14 new cases in the Massena area. Those people had had contact with 100 others. That number eventually rose to more than 150.

“I just did not feel safe at that point to bring all of our students back into that environment,” said Brady.

A decision will come this week on grades 3 through 12. Brady said it will again be based on the data.

In-person classes could start under the schools' hybrid model by September 29 at the earliest.

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