Black River students give stumps high marks

WWNY Black River students give stumps high marks

BLACK RIVER, N.Y. (WWNY) - If you happen to drive by Black River Elementary School, don’t be stumped when you see something on the grass.

Tree stumps are everywhere. Not just a couple, but 50 to 60 all over the property.

It is the preferred way of learning for students at Black River Elementary School this fall.

When Mrs. Pierce’s third graders come outside for a lesson, the stumps can be used as seats and desks.

“I like sitting out in the sun and not being in my classroom all day,” said student Claire Phillips.

The stumps were donated by Black River Tree Removal and Brookfield Renewable Energy.

All the stumps were smoothed out to keep the students safe and moved 6 feet apart to meet COVID-19 regulations.

They started with 1 set in front of the school, but added two more sets because of popular demand.

“Now that we have three spaces outdoors, we don’t have a sign up anymore and teachers can utilize any of the three spots whenever it best fits for them and their students,” said Principal Jared Plantz.

Plantz says he got the idea from the Alexandria Central School District where his kids go to school. He thought it was a neat concept and the students there really seem to like it.

“I think any time you are able to utilize your space you have, especially during our fall months, it’s advantageous to do so. Any time we can get kids outside to get some fresh air and still be productive, I think that’s a great goal to have in mind,” he said.

Adding more fresh air to the school day, students and staff are giving the stumps high marks.

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