Ginsburg remembered in north country vigil

Ruth Bader Ginsburg vigil

LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - Candles, signs, and her favorite color: blue.

It was all part of a Tuesday night vigil in Lowville honoring the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“She was definitely a champion for women’s rights,” Indivisible Lowville leader Emily Lyndaker said. “A lot of us wouldn’t be where we are without her. I just like that spark. She didn’t let that hold her back at all.”

Mourners gathered in front of the Lewis County Courthouse to reflect on Ginsburg’s accomplishments and the hardships she overcame during her life.

“The outpouring of love for this woman was so much that I felt that anywhere I could, I should go and respect her passing,” Jon Hall said, “and to remember the contribution that she made to this country.”

“She was a mother who continued to educational pursuits, which unjustly enough was the reason it was hard for her to find employment in her expertise,” Lyndaker said.

Lyndaker says the vigil was not about what happens next. It was about providing a place to remember and mourn the loss of Ginsburg.

But Lyndaker did discuss her hope that President Donald Trump and the Senate would honor the one of the late justice’s final wishes.

“We need to be as fierce as Ruth Bader Ginsburg was and we need to pressure our lawmakers to do something to stall this vote,” she said.

President Trump says he will be announcing his nominee for Supreme Court justice on Saturday.

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