How does JCC keep up with COVID tests for on-campus students

WWNY How does JCC keep up with COVID tests for on-campus students?

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - All SUNY schools are requiring on-campus students to take a COVID-19 test every 2 weeks. But how does that work at Jefferson Community College, where 400 students commute to school?

It starts with what officials call a COVID-19 hotline.

“They can schedule a time before going in, and essentially whatever works with their schedule, they can walk right into the health center,” said Dr. Corey Campbell, vice president for student engagement and retention.

But that’s not the only option students have. They can get tested off campus at North Country Family Health Center.

“They can go to North Country Family Health’s location on Arsenal Street. We’re working out some of the kinks right now. But essentially we’ll have a list of all the students names and when they have tested, we will report the number with SUNY. We will then follow up with the students who haven’t tested and make sure they get their tests completed,” said Dr. Campbell.

But what if a student neglects to get tested? The school says it is working with SUNY to address that issue.

“We want to keep the campus safe. We want to work a line with SUNY and we also don’t want to put any moral burden on the students from an educational standpoint,” said Dr. Campbell.

Thirty two students have been tested so far with more tests scheduled for later this week.

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