Chaumont voters to decide election day on keeping village

Chaumont voters to decide election day on keeping village
The village of Chaumont. (Source: WWNY)

CHAUMONT, N.Y. (WWNY) - Residents of Chaumont will vote election day on whether to keep or get rid of the village.

The vote will be at Chaumont’s village hall, but will be separate from the rest of November 3 voting.

“We have had some inspectors trained and they will be running the vote that day," Karen Fitzgerald, the village clerk, said Wednesday.

The vote will be by paper ballot. The ballots will be placed in a box and counted after the polls close at 9 PM. Only registered voters who live in the village are eligible to vote.

The village is conducting the election separate from the rest of election day voting, which is run by the Jefferson County Board of Elections, because it was too late to have the question about the village’s future included on the county’s ballot.

A change in state law last year requires ballot issues to be submitted three months before election day.

Like other north country villages which have contemplated going out of business, Chaumont is struggling financially. Eliminating village government would cut property taxes in half for people in the village, while raising them by seven cents per thousand dollars in the Town of Lyme, which takes in the village.

(Editor’s note - An earlier version of this story incorrectly reported taxes would increase by seven percent in the Town of Lyme. It has been updated to reflect the accurate “seven cents per thousand dollars” number.)

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