Copenhagen has a plan to fix water woes

Copenhagen has a plan to fix water woes
Village of Copenhagen Water Treatment Facility (Source: WWNY)

COPENHAGEN, N.Y. (WWNY) - There’s a plan to help address Copenhagen’s water shortage.

The Copenhagen village board authorized a state Department of Health recommendation which would add water to the village’s supply.

Village engineer Matthew Cooper says the DOH wants Copenhagen to clean wells on Woodbattle Road and then conduct a brief pump test at the site.

The village would then install a temporary filtration system to have the wells start pumping water into the water system.

Cooper says cleaning is already in progress, and the firm working on it claims it could keep the cost under $50,000.

The authorization given by the village board mandates the project stay under that price.

“You could kill two birds with one stone here,” Cooper said. “You could actually supply your water system during the drought and you could find out what those wells could really do or not.”

Cooper says the DOH’s recommendation comes after it turned down the village’s initial idea of a 72-hour pump test at the Woodbattle Road wells.

The village’s goal in the long run is to restore the site to serve as a permanent backup supply.

The village, which also supplies water to parts of the town of Denmark, has been under a water emergency since Tuesday.

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