Celebrating International Observe the Moon Night

Celebrating International Observe the Moon Night

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Saturday was a special night that you could celebrate by taking a look out your window.

It was International Observe the Moon Night!

The Sci-Tech Museum in Watertown celebrated by bringing out their telescopes and inviting the public to take a look.

About 50 people, kids and adults., took turns admiring outer space.

Science experts say giving the moon an international day makes science fun.

“It’s to get people out to get people thinking about our sky, about science, about technology, and just to have a little fun with astronomy!” said Steve Karon, Executive Director of the Sci-Tech Center of NNY.

Before some hazy clouds came through, participants had a good look at the moon, Saturn, and Jupiter. The International Space Station even passed us by Saturday night, too.

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