Closed due to pandemic, Lowville’s Town Hall Theater seeks help

Lowville theater

LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - A Lowville movie theater is looking to take the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to reopen looking better than ever. But, the theater needs your help.

The lights are coming up at Town Hall Theater in Lowville, but the seats won’t be filled anytime soon.

Instead of people, the theater is filled with paint cans and ladders.

“The building is 120 years old; it does need general upkeep. You’d be amiss if you neglected your responsibility there,” said owner Patrick O’Brien.

So far, O’Brien has been the only one to step onto the ladder, using his own funds and buffer money to paint the theater floors and lobby ceiling.

But bigger projects like wall draping, painting the theater, ceiling and brick work require hiring contractors.

“It would just be absolutely beautiful if we could do all of the projects that could be done and should be done. It would just be a fantastic thing for this community,” said O’Brien.

One of the biggest projects: a stage.

“I think the stage would give us the opportunity to bring in shows, and acts, and be a musical venue that may allow us to get through the hardest times,” said O’Brien.

O’Brien says since the pandemic began, the theater has lost six figures of operating income. A lot of that goes directly back into the theater.

But with movie theaters still closed, the theater needs your help.

“When we closed down we were healthy, wealthy and wise. But now we’re a little less healthy, a little less wealthy, and we need to use whatever wisdom we have to keep it going,” said O’Brien.

If you’d like to donate to the Town Hall Theater’s revitalization project, you can visit its GoFundMe page.

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