Copenhagen looks to make traffic changes

WWNY Copenhagen looks to make traffic changes

COPENHAGEN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Copenhagen is looking to make traffic changes, starting with putting in a fire lane at Copenhagen Central School.

Trustee Kim Vogt says the board passed a resolution Thursday night for the fire lane on Loud Street.

She says it is imperative that help is able to reach both the gymnasium and cafeteria entrances in case of an emergency. In addition to the fire lane, Copenhagen is looking to reduce heavy tractor trailer traffic on both Maiden Lane and Center Street by posting a no-through truck sign.

That resolution was also passed Thursday night.

“Obviously with agricultural traffic, we can’t stop that. We’ll hope that they see it and use it a little less, but we also know that’s not always an option for them. So we’ll do the best we can to mitigate as much of that traffic as we can,” said Vogt.

She also says the next step is drawing up laws for both the fire lane and no-through truck signs. Then there will be a public hearing.

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