Your Turn: feedback on school lawsuit, COVID vaccine & methadone clinic

Updated: Sep. 28, 2020 at 2:00 PM EDT
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WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - The mother of a Watertown City School District student is suing the district and his fourth-grade teacher in federal court, claiming a mock ‘slave auction’ last year violated his civil rights:

People of color are finding their voice and it will be uncomfortable for many.

Hope Marshall

This type of teaching does not belong in an elementary school and the teacher should know that, but to sue the school district and teacher is a little extreme.

Kimberlee Crowley Hill

Governor Cuomo says he distrusts the Trump Administration when it comes to approving a COVID-19 vaccine. He says the state will have its own panel of health experts to make sure any vaccine is safe and effective:

And you want us to trust you? That’s so funny.

Denise Bowman

Thank you, Governor. There have been too many rush-to-market drugs that have had disastrous consequences.

Darby Tarr

And where will the millions come from to do this? He won’t be happy until New York is totally lost.

Delbert Ryan

An idea is being floated to locate a methadone clinic in the St. Lawrence Centre Mall. Officials say it would benefit opioid addicts and the community:

At least the building will finally serve a purpose, other than taking up space.

Daniel Jones

That would be great in an appropriate setting. A mall is not one.

Missy Wilkinson

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