Is the rain enough to help with dry conditions?

WWNY Is the rain enough to help with dry conditions?

COPENHAGEN, N.Y. (WWNY) - It’s raining and in some areas of the north country it was pouring. But many wells are still really low. Rain is in the forecast, but is it enough to help with dry conditions?

Rain, rain and more rain. In Copenhagen, they are excited about the weather.

The village has declared a state of emergency with its well levels very low.

“All 3 of them are normally above 100 feet. Right now I have one that’s 11 feet and the other one is at 16 feet. So as you can see the levels are way down from what it should be,” said Doran Johnson, village superintendent.

Johnson says their rain gauge has estimated about three-tenths of an inch so far Tuesday. That isn’t uncommon as the first week of October is the north country is usually a wet one. Other areas like Lowville and Watertown average about an inch of rain for the week.

However, for some it is a little too late.

Tom Kalamas had to call Keller’s Well Drilling earlier this summer to come drill a new well in his backyard.

He couldn’t get any water out of his old one.

Kalamas says this is the driest it’s been in the 35 years he has lived in Castorland.

He isn’t the only one dealing with the problem.

“You get so many people calling, you can’t even begin to take care of the calls. It’s very overwhelming because you can’t even service the amount of people that are calling,” said Rick Keller, owner of Keller’s Well Drilling.

To date, the tri-county area is down about 6 inches of rainfall this year, leading to many people calling about their dry wells.

The rain in the coming weeks is going to help, but Keller says we are going to need a lot more of it.

“This rain hasn’t probably soaked in an inch or two into the ground. It will, you know, take weeks of raining like this to even begin to affect the ground water,” he said.

Keller says to continue to conserve water any way that you can and look to update household appliances that may save gallons of water in the long run.

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