Cobb, Stefanik split on debate

Cobb, Stefanik split on debate
Elise Stefanik and Tedra Cobb, candidates for congress in northern New York, 2020. (Source: WWNY)

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - President Trump “has no plan.” Joe Biden “looked and sounded weak.”

The candidates for congress in northern New York split along partisan lines Wednesday, as they reacted to Tuesday night’s debate between President Trump and former Vice-President Joe Biden.

Democrat Tedra Cobb and Republican Elise Stefanik are running to represent the north country’s 21st congressional district, which takes in all of 10 counties - including Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence - and parts of two others.

Stefanik is a co-chair of President Trump’s New York re-election campaign and is “proud to serve,” her campaign noted in a statement Wednesday.

"At last night’s debate, President Trump communicated directly to the American people his commitment to upholding the Constitution, the historic COVID relief delivered to New York, his support for our law enforcement officials, and his strong economic record on manufacturing and job creation.

“My Far-Left opponent supports Joe Biden who looked and sounded weak at the debate as he outlined his vision of trillions in tax hikes on hardworking North Country families, just like Taxin' Tedra,” the Stefanik campaign said in its statement.

To the contrary, Cobb said in her statement, "I’m impressed with anyone who could make their way through that nonsense for 90 minutes.

"The President lied to us, insulted us, and showed he has no plan to take our problems seriously. What will he do to finally provide federal leadership on stopping the virus? What will he do to stand up for our troops when the Russians put bounties on their heads?

And, most importantly for northern New York, when will Elise Stefanik start doing her job and provide the type of leadership he can’t. Because, if she can’t do it, I will," Cobb said in her statement.

The debate has been widely panned as President Trump repeatedly interrupted Biden, and as the two men - and sometimes moderator Chris Wallace - talked over each other.

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