State continues focus on downstate hot spots

State continues focus on downstate hot spots
New York coronavirus (Source: MGN)

ALBANY, N.Y. (WWNY) - Twenty-three percent of the positive COVID-19 cases in the state Tuesday came from just 6 percent of the population.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said during a telephone conference Wednesday that the infection rate in 20 hot-spot zip codes averages 5.5 percent, with some areas in the teens.

The bulk of those zip codes are in Brooklyn, Rockland, and Orange counties.

Discounting those hotspots, the state’s rate was .82 percent. With them, it was 1.02 percent.

The governor said he spoke with leaders in the Orthodox Jewish communities where many of the hot spots are and said it was “a good exchange.”

He said those leaders and state officials will come up with an action plan to increase mask wearing in those areas.

“They have said that they are committed to taking a more aggressive stance,” Cuomo said.

The governor blamed much of the spread on the “failure of the local government” to enforce mandatory mask laws.

On Tuesday, the coronavirus claimed the lives of nine New Yorkers. There were 605 people in hospitals, 144 in intensive care, and 67 on ventilators.

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