New water tower in, old water tower out

New water tower in, old water tower out

HEUVELTON, N.Y. (WWNY) - A part of Heuvelton’s history was coming down Friday, one piece at a time.

The village’s nearly 100 year old water tower - it was put up in 1924 - was being carefully cut apart with torches, and then a crane lowered each section to the ground.

It was a big job, but it was going well Friday morning. At first it looked like it would take about eight hours, but the cutting and lowering went smoothly enough that eight hours became six - and it looked like the job would be done Friday afternoon.

The village’s mayor, Barbara Lashua, looked up at the tower Friday and called it “the old girl.” But sentiment aside, the village knew the tower had to come down - the metal is beginning to fail and the cement which supports the tower is starting to crumble.

The people who inspect towers told the village years ago not to call for another inspection.

The 1924 tower is being replaced by a new tower constructed nearby.

The new tower is steel with glass fused around it. That should make it easier to maintain over the long haul, and it holds about two and a half times as much water as the old tower, extra protection against fires in the village.

They’ve been using the new tower for roughly a week now,

Human remains were found while workers dug the site for the new tower. Work was halted while officials investigated.

They were believed to have been remains that were left behind when a cemetery at the site was relocated.

The water tower project costs $3.4 million.

The village applied over and over again for funding to build the new tower and was denied, so they decided that they needed to move forward with the project and fund it themselves.

Mayor Lashua said they’ve been diligent and careful about setting aside money and planning ahead for what they knew was inevitable. She said they’re hopeful the financial impact will not be great on village residents.

They’re also in the middle of major water line replacement throughout the village. The village did receive federal funding and a state grant for that part of the project, which should be completed in the middle of October or into November.

Crews take down Heuvelton's 1924 water tower.
Crews take down Heuvelton's 1924 water tower. (Source: WWNY)

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