State police practice to ‘safely rescue’ from water

State police practice to ‘safely rescue’ from water

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - If you’re wondering what all the New York State Police vehicles were doing Friday morning parked near the Eastern Boulevard bridge, they were there for training in the Black River.

Members of the state police were in the waters of the river, practicing a couple of different kinds of water rescue - a “flood rescue” scenario and a “throw bag” rescue drill, simulating a situation in which a victim needs to be saved from fast-moving waters.

They trained off Eastern Boulevard, in part, because of proximity to the rapids in the Black River.

“So for us, having these guys out there getting that exposure and continuously training in that environment, it’s key to be able to safely rescue somebody,” said Neil Case, Division Training Officer for the state police.

State police worked with New York State fire officials at Friday’s training.

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