North country convoy rallies behind President Trump

Trump convoy rally

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - All the across the country, people were coming together Saturday to participate in their state’s own Trump Convoy Rally. North country supporters put on a little parade of their own.

Nicole Pruett, a volunteer for the not for profit CNY informed along with Stephanie Jackson, a candidate running in the New York State 128th Assembly District helped to organize the Trump Convoy Rally in the north country where people arrived in Watertown to decorate their cars for the ride ahead.

It’s a part of a bigger movement across the country called MAGA Drag the Interstate.

“So we wanted to give people in the area an opportunity to join in if they couldn’t go to Albany. So we wanted to start in Watertown and then head down through Syracuse,” said Pruett.

The convoy headed down Route 11 where they picked up smaller groups along the way to end with a rally in Syracuse.

People participating in the convoy say this trip is more important than ever as they rally for President Trump who tested positive for COVID-19.

President Trump was taken to Walter Reed Hospital Friday as a precaution because of developing COVID-19 symptoms.

“It is very disturbing seeing people saying that they wish that he was dead. And what people need to do is put themselves in their shoes. What if that was your dad? What if that was your brother?” said rally participant Sandra McCarthy.

“I know that it is a real virus and it can be deadly for some. However, I think much what he has spoken about for his own therapeutics along the way will speak for itself and I think he will be just fine,” said 128th NY Assembly District Candidate Stephanie Jackson.

Many rally participants say they hope for a speedy recovery and are happy to show support for the president anyway they can.

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