Samaritan restores all computer systems after malware attack

Samaritan restores all computer systems after malware attack
Samaritan Medical Center

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - It took just over 2 months, but Samaritan Health announced Tuesday it has successfully completed the restoration of all computer systems and applications in the wake of a malware attack.

Samaritan also confirms no patient or employee data was accessed or acquired.

Samaritan officials took the system offline as a precaution on July 25, forcing employees to use paper and pen instead of computerized record keeping.

“Our systems are now relaying information as they had been prior to the outage, and all information is again being sent to the Health Information Exchange,” said Thomas Carman, president & chief executive officer, in a news release.

Carman also reported a third-party investigation determined there was no unauthorized access to or acquisition of patient data.

“We take the privacy of our patients and staff very seriously, so this is particularly meaningful and positive news,” he said.

The systems at the following clinic locations are all now back in operation:

  • All primary care locations
  • Women’s Wellness and Breast Care
  • Wound Care Center
  • Dermatology
  • Pain Management Center
  • Urology
  • Infectious Disease
  • Rheumatology

Clinic online patient portals, smartphone applications and Samaritan’s email system are also fully operational.

Carman cautioned that even though computer systems and applications are restored, there could be some residual delays.

“Although our patient care and record systems are fully operational, we are still in a recovery period as we transition from paper downtime procedures and continue entering information into our systems. We have a methodical and effective process in place, but it is time intensive,” he said.

Any patients with ongoing issues or concerns related to the outage are asked to contact Samaritan’s patient relations department at 315-785-4679.

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