People talk out about needing food giveaways

WWNY People talk out about needing food giveaways

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Seven months into the pandemic, there are still long lines for food. We went to Mercy Point Church in Watertown to learn more about the people who continue to need help.

Cars started lining up almost three hours before the food drive started. The line snaked all the way around the block. Ask some of the people and they’ll tell you times are tough.

“Some of my family members have lost their jobs due to the pandemic so it’s been really hard on them so we’ve kind of been helping each other out and trying to make the best of it,” said Fiona Strife.

For some, money is tight and every little bit helps.

“We’re both at a limited income and stuff and the food drives help us a lot,” said Deborah Lutz. “There’s always long lines and we’re older, we need to be a little early.”

“I actually was driving by arouond 9:30 and I saw the line start to form so I jumped in when I saw it,” said Strife.

The early line even surprised event organizer and Mercy Point church pastor, Janelle Kriegbaum.

“We had planned to get here around 8:00 because we knew our truck was coming at 9:00 to unload and we thought we’d be here in plenty of time. But some people beat us here so, that’s a good thing though,” she said.

Mercy Point Church had over 1,000 boxes of food from the U.S.D.A.'s Farmers to Families food box program. The boxes were filled with fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products. And there was plenty; no one left empty handed.

Kriegbaum realized the need for food after a surge in her weekly soup kitchen.

“We went from serving about 50 a week to over 700 meals a week,” she said. “I think that things are still up in the air for a lot of people so to have, be able to come and know that they can get some free food to help, even in just that area, is huge for people.”

Mercy Point Church will run its food drive every Thursday throughout the month of October.

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