Zoom failure: Harrisville High students head back to classroom 4 days a week

Harrisville in-person learning

HARRISVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - High school students learning in person at Harrisville Central School will be going back to school four days a week starting October 19.

Those students will learn from home on Wednesdays.

“That would be the new schedule for everybody,” Superintendent Robert Finster said. “Again, Pre-K-8 doesn’t change at this point. It’s Just 9-12.”

School administrators say they made this decision based on a few factors. They have had no positive cases of COVID-19 in the district to date and they have the ability to accommodate more students.

But one of the biggest reasons? They say learning over Zoom is not going well.

“Zoom is logistically, if you will, burning our teachers out,” Finster said.

“It’s just not working,” English teacher Michelle Fuller said. “I don’t feel that they are getting the quality education that they could have if they were in person.”

“To say a teacher is better over the computer than they are in person, I can’t support that,” said Eric Luther, who’s the middle and high school principal.

Luther says students are failing classes at an incredibly high rate. A lack of participation and technical difficulties, he says, are two reasons why.

“Let’s Just say, okay, Zoom is a total dumpster fire so we aren’t going to do that anymore,” a parent said. “What form does the virtual learning take without the Zoom?”

“The answer I would say to you is it’s going to depend on the grade level,” Eric Fuller said.

Finster says Zoom may not go away totally, but the district is going to try to utilize other tools to make sure students learn the best they can from home and from the classroom.

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