Addressing poverty and brutality in Ogdensburg

Addressing poverty and brutality in Ogdensburg

OGDENSBURG, N.Y. (WWNY) - It’s an issue the North Country Poor People’s campaign says happens all across America and even in our own backyards.

“We are fighting against poverty, fighting against systematic racism, militarism, as well as ecological devastation. Because we know all of these things are connected and all oppression is connected," said organizer Jamey Merkel.

The forum presented issues related to wealth distribution.

“In 2017, just three white men owned as much wealth as the bottom half of the U.S. population. Which was 160 million people," said Merkel.

Health care accessibility:

“I know that I am working underpaid, but I have to work because I wouldn’t have health insurance otherwise,” said Raamitha Pillay, member of the North Country Poor People’s campaign’s Leadership Committee.

And the wage gap:

“Women are working full-time and are making some of the lowest wages out there."

And directly after the forum, a march for black lives everywhere. Along for the march was Black Lives Matter Potsdam.

Members are working to march in every village in St. Lawrence County.

And on Saturday, they crossed Ogdensburg off the list.

“A lot of places here in St. Lawrence County, black people don’t talk. They don’t tell about their experiences, the things that have happened to them here. Therefore they feel like they don’t matter. They do, everywhere. In every corner of this county they matter. And we’re just here to let them know that," said Jennifer Braxton, an organizer with Black Lives Matter Potsdam.

Coming together to make their voices stronger.

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