Pandemic puts damper on pumpkin patch’s fall festival

WWNY Pandemic puts damper on pumpkin patch’s fall festival

TOWN OF CLAYTON, N.Y. (WWNY) - Halloween is coming up in a couple of weeks, but COVID is putting a real-life scare on the festivities. Wheeler Creek Pumpkin Patch in the town of Clayton had to cancel this year’s fall festival due to the pandemic.

The Wheeler Creek Pumpkin Patch is known for its Columbus Day festival. But now, it’s a ghost town.

A festival that typically sees hundreds of people per day over the holiday weekend, saw about 100 people total this weekend.

“This weekend is different for us. It’s normally our Columbus Day, Halloween Festival. And of course with COVID, we can’t have our festival, so we’re just selling pumpkins this year,” said Randy David, owner.

David said that it has been a good season for growing and selling pumpkins. But when it comes to the fall festival, this year is anything but typical.

The festival brings a lot of joy to the community. It typically includes bounce houses, slides, a corn maze and a haunted forest.

“Some of our customers who have been here before have made the comment how different it feels that we don’t have all those activities going on and the parking lot is empty and it should be half full by now,” said David.

He gave us a tour to show us what should have been.

“This would be the five-acre corn maze here,” he said.

But because of the dry season, the corn didn’t grow.

The haunted forest is usually a major attraction. But this year, the forest is filled with decorations from years past.

Other decorations never made it out of storage.

With all the adversity this year, Wheeler Creek is hoping it can put on a full festival next year.

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