Remembering the man behind the taffy

WWNY Remembering the man behind the taffy

TOWN OF WATSON, N.Y. (WWNY) - When you think of the Lewis County Fair, you might think of Freeman’s Old Style Taffy. We remember the man behind the sweets.

Jim Freeman passed away last week.

Freeman’s Taffy has been a north country staple for 125 years and for his whole life, Jim Freeman knew nothing could be sweeter than sharing it at the Lewis County Fair.

“The stand’s always been there and it seems dad’s always been there too,” said Shawn Freeman, Jim’s son.

Jim passed away Thursday at the age of 73, leaving behind decades of dedication to his taffy and the community.

“A lot of people made their trip to the fair just for the taffy and to sit down and visit,” said Chris Freeman, Jim’s widow.

“They wanted to see dad,” said Shawn.

“It’s gonna be sad without Jim here. There’s a lot of things at the Lewis County Fair that go back in history a long ways, but nothing really goes back further than our taffy stand,” said Doug Hanno, Lewis County Fair president.

But Jim’s legacy will continue. He raised his children and grandchildren to know the ins and outs of taffy making and they’ll carry on the fair favorite tradition.

“We’ll be there, no worries, we’ll still be there,” said Chris and Shawn.

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