Watertown lawmakers reluctant to sell water & sewer to outside users

Watertown city council meeting

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Watertown’s city council discussed the possibility of selling water and sewer services to new outside users when lawmakers met Tuesday.

The town of Pamelia has been interested in getting water from the Development Authority of the North Country line, which taps into Watertown’s water supply.

This would allow Pamelia residents to pay the same water and sewer rates as Watertown residents but avoid the city’s taxes.

That’s something that the city council has been hesitant to let happen.

Mayor Jeff Smith says that he is not going to give away one of the city’s best assets.

“It’s an asset to the city and part of what we also kind of talked about is if they want city services, maybe they should become part of the city, which is great,” Smith said. “That’s really where we should be looking to move.”

Smith said during the meeting that giving outsiders direct access to city water without having them pay other city taxes would give people and businesses an incentive to move out of the city.

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