Chaumont man celebrates his 103rd birthday

Updated: Oct. 16, 2020 at 10:16 PM EDT
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CHAUMONT, N.Y. (WWNY) - Glenn Dodge has had his fair share of birthday parties. 103 of them to be exact.

But this one was extra special: the Chaumont Fire Department organized a night-time parade just for him.

“He turned 103 as of Tuesday and the man gets around as well as any one of us. He’s been in the Fire Department over 80 years,” said Frederick Jackson Jr., Chaumont’s Fire Chief.

To show Glenn some birthday love, dozens of cars turned up from different fire departments.

“I think it was fantastic that the guys showed up, a number of people involved, a number of people watching. I enjoyed it, it was really something good! I feel good to think people would think that much of me to spend time on it,” said Dodge.

Glenn isn’t just known for his service with the fire department, he’s also a World War II veteran and a former teacher.

He says everything he’s done in his 103 years has been important to him.

“I enjoy whatever I do and I have a positive attitude. If I can change it then I will, if I can’t change it, then I accept it and live with it,” said Dodge.

And even with all of his accomplishments in life, he says he’s most proud of the family he’s built.

“My life is complete. Take a look at the people here. I have my children, grandchildren, and so forth. It’s fantastic,” said Dodge.

He says this birthday was one for the books and he’s still got room to party.

“I’m looking forward to my 105th birthday, that party, because I’ll have a couple of kegs of beer on hand!” said Dodge.

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