Highlights & scores: girls' soccer standouts find a way to play

Highlights & scores

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - There’s a group of talented high school girls' soccer players who are teaming up for a six-game schedule beginning this Saturday at the Alex Duffy fairgrounds.

The Black River Valley Soccer Academy’s U-19 team is preparing for a 2020 fall season that includes six games against other club teams around New York state.

Coach Kurt Robbins has put together a group that has played together throughout the summer and includes some of the most talented players from around the area.

“Well, I really like this team, obviously, 'cause we’ve got the best from all the different high schools there are and we have a bunch of Frontier League all-stars, we have a bunch of all-north all-stars,” Robbins said, and it’s taken a while for them to get into the system that we want to play 'cause each school plays a different system."

Robbins says this is one of the most well-rounded teams he’s coached and feels the strength of this team lies at the midfield, with a number of players that can put the ball in the back of the net.

“Probably our midfield strength,” he said. “You know, we have Julia Netto from IHC, we have Callie Lafontaine from Lyme, we have Melina Stevenson from Lyme, we have Tatum Overton from Watertown High, we have Kennedy Amo from T.I -- like I said, they’re all the best players on their teams have come to play together and it’s just trying to fit 'em into the different spots that we have, but so far it’s working out good.”

Despite coming from different schools and competing against each other in a normal fall sports season, these players have gelled and enjoy playing together for a common goal.

“Yeah, we’re all, like, really well-rounded athletes and we all play year round together, basically,” Julia Netto said, “and playing against each other is kind of annoying. like during the Frontier League, but we all know each other’s strengths so it’s also kind of fun in a competition way.”

“They’re all great, we all get along so well,” Kennedy Amo said. “Everyone is so, like, our chemistry is amazing -- we all just, we, like, chime together and we are all, like, best friends, we’re off the field, we’re together.”

The team is looking to salvage some sort of fall soccer season with hopes of getting on the field in March to play their regular high school soccer season.

Boys' soccer action

Hermon-DeKalb hosted Heuvelton in a defensive battle atop the Northern Athletic Conference West Division.

You can see highlights in the video as the teams play to a scoreless overtime tie.

Thursday’s local scores

Boys' high school soccer

Canton 2, Salmon River 1

Heuvelton 0, Hermon-DeKalb 0

Girls' high school tennis

Copenhagen 5, Beaver River 0

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